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Host Families Needed


Each season the Boston Jr Rangers EHL and EHLP Junior hockey teams have players ages 16-20 from all over the world who leave their families and friends and move away from home to play the game they love. To take advantage of the opportunity to develop themselves on and off the ice, our players need families willing to open up their homes. 


Our host families play a vital role in the long-term success of our players. The families prove to be great role models and provide a supportive family environment that will make a significant difference in the lives of these players. It is our goal to provide our players with the best “home away from home” and to make this a great experience for both the player and host family. Some families will host two players as they then travel together and are company for each other. 


Rich DeCaprio and Keith Aucoin, who coach the Jr. Rangers Junior teams, help to coordinate and oversee the process throughout the year. Host families are extremely important to the Jr. Rangers players and the organization. Host families become a part of the Jr. Rangers team and family.


What is expected of the host family?

Each player will need a room of his own, or a room he can share with a teammate. We ask that each family provides a bed and a bureau or closet. It is also the host family’s responsibility that the player’s meals are provided for.

What is expected of the players?

The players must adhere to all team and house rules and show respect toward all family members. Players are responsible for their own transportation. Most players will have a vehicle of their own or will coordinate with teammates and roommates.

Host families will have a player for a minimum of 8 months. (August 20th-April 1st). Each family will receive a monthly personal payment of $550 per player.

If you have any questions or are interested in hosting a player for the 2019-2020 season, please contact Rich DeCaprio at    or Keith Aucoin at 




The Junior Rangers are in need of families to billet young hockey players. Please view the following information which outlines the responsibilities of both the billeting family and the billeted player. As the hockey season commences in late August, we need to ensure that our billeted players are well adapted to their new "families" as soon as possible. If you feel that you would be interested in opening your home to a Junior Ranger, and helping the Junior Rangers in their quest to promote young athletes to the next level – read below. Experience the joy of Billeting ... 

Billet Family Responsibilities

1. Provide a socially supportive family atmosphere.

2. Provide a Non-Smoking Household.

3. Provide 2-3 balanced meals a day. The expectations of the Team are for the player to be reasonable. If a     player has a gargantuan appetite, the player must bear some responsibility for snacks, etc. The Billet Family will not be responsible for providing "athletic supplements", "protein powders", "specialized training diets", etc.

4. Provide Players with their own room if possible. In the event where a player has to share a room, it will be with another team-mate and not any other household member.

5. Report any player that breaks curfew.

6. Players must attend all classes, either high school or university, including after away games. All players must notify the Coach or GM if they will be late or absent. Players should give billets a timetable of their classes.

7. Players who are not in school must find a part time job and may be required to attend morning work outs.

8. Report any incidents involving player safety, security or wellbeing to the Billet coordinator.

9. Report any incidents involving conduct unbecoming of a billet player to the Head Coach or GM.

10. Report any concerns they have with the player to the Billet coordinator.

11. Report any positive input to the Billet coordinator. (eg. player helped with their son's hockey practice, etc.)

12. Ensure that underage players are not given access to alcoholic beverages.


Billet Player Responsibilities


2. Advise your Billet family if you are going to be out late.

3. Project a positive image of yourself and your Team.

4. NO "sleepovers" with friends of the opposite sex. (see Billeted Player Guidelines)

5. Ensure you have a ride to and from practice and games, so not to inconvenience your Billet family. (see Billeted Player Guidelines)

6. Sign a Billet Contract.

7. Be reasonable with your appetite. (see Billeted Player Guidelines)

8. Be respectful with laundry and use of utilities. (see Billeted Player Guidelines)

9. Underage players will not consume alcohol in their billets home. (see Billeted Player Guidelines)

10. Billeted Players will report any issues of concern with their Billet Family to the GM, Coach or Billet coordinator.

11. Players will advise their Billet Families of their team practice and game schedule.

12.  Billet will pay up to $550 per Month to host family.